Jan 15, 2013

Guess Who Was Featured in a Video About Pike Place Market????

It might be us. (hang in there until minute 1:28 to be sure)

Okay, okay. I'll ruin the surprise. IT IS US! A big thanks to the Market for including our new, little shop in their latest promotional video.

It was fun to make. We spent many hours outside in front of the shop waiting for the street to be quiet enough to film. Semi trucks, commuter traffic, puppies, loading and unloading -- we finally finished up indoors.

It's horrifying to hear your own voice played back to you.... but we'll try to get over it. EEEEeeeek!

Nov 19, 2012

Make and Takes Feature

The kind and decidedly beautiful Marie from Make and Takes paid our shop a little visit and wrote a blog post about it. We like her. Forever.

If you're looking for craft tutorials for kids or for home improvement projects, Make and Takes is the place. My favorites:

Aug 16, 2012

Rosalie featured on Etsy's Quit Your Day Job series

Hey folks,

This was kind of cool. Etsy interviewed Rosalie about how she went about quitting her day job and setting out on her own to the terrifying world of selling indie crafts and building freelance websites -- and soon to be: Retail shop ownership.

Read the article and stuff.