Sep 10, 2012

Four Days In.... We Have the Makings of a Store.

This thing is shaping up nicely. We have a painted staircase. We have a new, beautiful ceiling color. The upstairs has three coats of bright yellow on one wall and one coat of gray on the other three. Shelves for prints have been installed in the retail space and Lauren Magic Erasered all the tiles. She also painted some cute characters for the front window so people can continue to wonder what the heck we're doing in here.


Sep 07, 2012

We got the keys! We got the keys! We got the keys!

Never mind the weird oil stains behind me. Never mind the dirty, dirty, dirty dirtiness. Never mind that there is one place on the stairway that you could fall through and seriously hurt yourself. Never mind that I spent all day there yesterday and only successfully cleaned a 25 square foot area. Never mind that the sink upstairs drains into a pvc pipe that goes through a hole someone drilled in the floor, and travels down to the first floor to drain into an open hole under the stairs.


Aug 10, 2012

Lauren's Dad is Making Us Some Fixtures

Lauren's dad is making some of our displays! Here's one of them (almost done: needs the back legs, sign on top, and stain).

Aug 10, 2012

We're Approved. It's Official

WE GOT FULL APPROVAL FROM THE CITY FOR USE AND DESIGN!!! Now we just have to sign the final lease. It was a little intimidating presenting our store design to a board of 10+ people. They even opened it to public comment - though no one had anything to say. The city officials said we had a very thorough presentation.

Aug 10, 2012

The Location is Officially Announced!

Now that it is official, we can show you the store front! The retail part is where the red and white paint is, our studio will be above where the green windows are. We will be repainting the facade, taking all the crap out of the windows and putting up a new sign.