• Everyone loved making pom poms and tassels with Loome. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • 2016 - Etsy Craft Party attendees in photo booth. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Thrive Art School hosted our kid craft table. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Watercolor cards at Jarr Bar - our very nice neighbors. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Sidewalk chalk is always a crowd favorite. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Thanks to Darice for the wood plaques to make these string art projects. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • The gang's all here. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Coloring Wall in the house! Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • More coloring wal! Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Our very own - Michaela Rose - in this handy self portrait. Thanks for taking all the photos and doing our social media for the day!
  • Siser sent us iron on samples and teeny tiny t-shirts. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Strawberry shaped pom poms by Loome? SAY WHAT?
  • Hard core outdoor crafting at the Etsy Craft Party - Seattle Edition. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Thanks for all the drinks General Assembly - one of our amazing sponsors. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Hop Scotch setup in the midst of our block-long sidewalk chalk project. Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • One of the big winners in our hourly giveaway. Thanks to With the Rain for the Baby Slug! Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • One of the big winners in our hourly giveaway. Thanks to Pa Ru Photography for the great print! Photo by Michaela Rose.
  • Check out their string art pieces. Wood plaques generously donated by Darice. Photo by Michaela Rose.

Etsy Craft Party 2016 - Seattle Edition

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Our fourth annual Etsy Craft Party - Seattle Edition - was a big hit. We checked the weather obsessively in the days leading up to the event because everyone was predicting a 90% chance of thunderstorms. Our kind neighbors at Jarr Bar were kind enough to lend us their space to set up one of the craft tables in case of rain. The bad news: It did pour. The good news: It only lasted for about 10 minutes and then we all went on about our day. It was the best we could have hoped for!

We had lots of projects for people to take part in: Greeting card embellishment (with supplies donated by Strathmore Papers, Sakura, 3M and Artist & Craftsman Supply), String Art (with supplies donated by Darice & 3M), Loome was in the house teaching everyone how to use their tools to make pom poms, tassels, knitted cord and small woven projects, a table just for kid crafts led by Olga from Thrive Art School, iron on samples from Siser and a giant coloring wall.

We had a lot of help putting this event together. #1 A+ Super amazing help from Michaela Rose who always photographs our events. She does a wonderful job -- and somehow even manages to take over all our social media for the day as well. We are EVER SO GRATEFUL!

A huge thank you to all our other sponsors: 3M, Darice, Sakura of America, Strathmore Papers, Siser North America, Artist & Craftman Supply, Biscuit Bitch, Jarr Bar, Loome, Thrive Art School, Urban Craft Uprising, The Handmade Showroom, General Assembly, Seattle ReCreative, Unanimous Craft

And to the local shops & independent artists who donated items for our swag bags: Foamy Wader, Portage Bay Goods, Umpqua Bank, 6 by 6 Arts, Chinook Book, Farewell Paperie, Monster Art & Clothing, With the Rain, Pa Ru Photography