Apr 04, 2013

Bunny Party! 2013: A Recap and a Hearty Thank You

On March 30, 2013, we hosted BUNNY PARTY! 2013 along with our neighbors on Western Ave: The Paper Feather, Masquerade Wines and Dwyer Gallery. The Seattle Animal Shelter brought over four bunnies and Lauren (co-owner of Ugly Baby and La Ru) brought over her two bun buns. Six bunnies total were available for petting in the upstairs of our shop.

Mar 06, 2013

New Arrivals: Needle Felting Kits from Hi Fiber

The amazing Moxie Lieberman from Hi Fiber dropped off some of her cute needle felting DIY craft kits the other day. You can make yourself an Octopus Friend, a Bunny Head Magnet, a terrified-looking Carrot Magnet or a Little Buddy bee-looking guy.

Needle felting is a really fun and pretty simple DIY craft. If you're looking for a place to start getting creative -- this is it. The kits come with everything you need: needle, a bit of Eco-Foam (so you don't stab yourself and stuff) and wool fiber.

Jan 28, 2013

Feeling a little Anti-Valentines Day?

You don't have to love Valentine's Day. You can hate it. It's okay. Whether tongue in cheek - or dead serious, there's no need to be all lovey-dovey.

At Ugly Baby and La Ru, we have the perfect gifts for Valentine's haters. And for under $15. A print of some cute animals fighting? Art to hang in your shower that tells the world your thoughts on marriage? Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes.