Jun 12, 2014
Which way to the Bunny Party!?

Bunny Party! 2014: A Wrap Up

Every year, on the day before Easter Sunday, we throw Bunny Party! We collaborate with the Seattle Animal Shelter to bring in money for rabbits who are sure to be dropped off shortly after Easter when people realize that they just don't make a great gift after all. Volunteers from the Animal Shelter bring in bunnies who are looking for new forever or foster homes. People make a donation to pet a rabbit while the volunteers talk to them about what it actually takes to raise a rabbit. Education. Fun. Bunnies. Sidewalk chalk.

Mar 24, 2014
inFamous Second Son and Ugly Baby and La Ru

Ugly Baby and La Ru is in inFamous: Second Son

Did you get your copy of the awesome PS4 game inFamous Second Son by Sucker Punch Productions yet? If you did you might recognize our cute little shop in it - hint: it’s in the Belltown neighborhood of the game.

Jan 29, 2014
Sublime Stitching Patterns in Seattle, Washington

New Sublime Stitching Shipment: Tool Kits, Glow in the Dark Floss, NEW Laurel Canyon Floss - and more!

We received a big shipment of new Sublime Stitching patterns, tools and awesome-ness.

My favorite: glow-in-the-dark floss. I've used it before -- and it works like magic.